I grew up in a mostly Spanish speaking household in Houston where many styles of music were exchanged between my parents and two older siblings who at the time influenced me the most. I knew I loved music at an early age and tried to absorb everything I heard.

At the age of six, my parents put me in piano lessons but it wasn't until the next year while taking long drives in the back of my mama's Buick that I realized my passion was singing.


Live Life in Song

After growing up in such an amazingly diverse city, I got involved in the local music scene and developed my range for sound because of Houston. It makes me proud to be from a place that has so much incredible talent. During my time in my second home, Los Angeles, I was influenced by the style, music, and trends.

I love working from my home studio, writing, recording, and collaborating with artists from different musical backgrounds.


Be Inspired By Everything

I find inspiration in all things. Life gives us opportunities to discover ourselves in each and every moment. I write music to represent me, my roots, and experiences. My music translates to different cultures and shows how much we relate to each other as people.

Pura Vida

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